Leggings for Plus Size

The leggings are comfortable, easy to get and most of all fun. The leggings are able to see contoured and sexy and voluptuous and shapeless. There are not many plus size girls who wear leggings and there are far fewer who know how usarlo. Por it will leave a few tips to help you and know how to use them and combine them. The leggings tend to stick much or be a little transparent, so when you want to use this garment you have to think that’s kind of pantyhose but thicker. For this reason it is important that you always use leggings with something to cover your butt and hips, preferably something that is somewhat above the knees.

Ideally you put heels or platforms, as it always goes very well with this very stuck garment. In addition to the tacos they help see us much more stylized.

A common mistake is the color of leggings with pockets you will use. As you know, leggings are a slightly transparent very attached garment and thus would be wrong to use with clear colors because they do not necessarily show our body as more queremos. Sin But if you use dark colors make the illusion that legs look slimmer. the textures add volume and if you do not want this effect, it is not advisable touse always mullet.

The leggings are a garment that allows us not only feel comfortable but goes well with any style so its use is not only limited to a particular age. The variety of this pledge either prints or colors allows us to combine almost all depending on the shape of our bodies, of course always paying attention to what we need to see each highlight and hide the most beautiful possible. Here are some tips! -Can Be combined with any type of footwear, preferably with heels or platform shoes – Combine with colorful outfits, but avoid blouses with many brands or choose those with small and delicate details. Be careful not are too thin or’d stop seeing more than necessary. If you try to reduce combined with polivestidos test buttocks or longer in the back blouses.

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