Latest Model of Gucci Handbags

The brand Gucci has a power in the fashion of the biggest world, so there is no shows in their accessories not arise. The most beloved of the articles is the same bag used by celebrities proudly stamping the mark by often chosen the most fashion market. The brand with a long history in the market fad, has fame and glamour and offers all those who use their bags.

The story of the Gucci brand is very similar to other famous that came out of casual items and entering the more expensive world. The owner of the company, Guccio Gucci, was a humble Italian who decided to invest in handbags and travel bags. At the time, 1921 was one of the most used products and if they were good leather, sold easily, with vision, Guccio launched basic, casual and elegant models for the middle class, but attracted high and was a great success.

Born in Florence, Gucci was immediately successful among the gentry for a recognition of the distinctive design. After bags full of gear and always the same, an innovative brand items for travel was expected by Italian fashion, helping to spread the success of the brand across Europe in less than 10 years.

In the 1930s the Italian designer had already expanded their business to just beyond the travel bags and produced belts, wallets and other items that could have as raw material leather. That’s when it became even greater success and began taking items used on the runways.

Gucci Bags Models

What draws the most attention in Gucci handbags is its mix of traditional and modern. Despite being a brand with over 100 years old, she can renew and track market trends, falling in through the classic and causal. Her handbag models range from basic black leather with brown sheen that started the brand in the 1920s.

The model takes brown neck with leather strap closely resembles the Travelationary and is the classic line of the brand. It is not an imitation, because Gucci was born in next season of his French competitor. What happened was just a preference of Europeans by traditional brown leather washing and love for the old classic models reissued every year. Gucci hand bags never ceased to be manufactured and earn up new spaces in current collections.

Other brand products are wallets, belts for them and for them, shoes, boots, cluthes and larger suitcases, chic and much more expensive than their basic briefcase. The original feature the brand at various points of the fabric and never glued, always marked on the next piece in a single recording. Perfumes were also launched in the early in 2000 and are well appreciated in the market.

Gucci Handbags Prices

Did you know that Gucci handbags have reached cost just 30 pounds? Today one of the designer items not leave for less than R $ 500, and that it comes from old collections. Younger cost no less than R $ 800 and models with limited edition can reach $ 7,000. Their biggest competitors are giants like Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Like any brand, the price may be the indicator of the product is original or not. If it is a fake, the price should be more affordable (but there are cases of falsification of sale as original with very high prices) and there is no serial number on the bag. The material should be thinner and there will be no warranty, issued by Gucci worldwide. If you have one made in China, to be sure you are buying a copy.

But do not buy in a store brand does not mean it is piracy. Many shop owners buy original items abroad with more affordable prices and sell in Brazil. The resale of designer items is common in our country. Just beware of the classic signs of piracy and search on the model on the official website of the brand is interesting to know if at least it exists. The brand has a store in Brazil, Iguatemi mall in São Paulo.

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