Kid Rocking Horse Toys

Back and forth, back and forth, his head becomes lighter and the biggest smile: the soft lull of a rocking horse lifts the hearts of young and old. But not just a toy rocking horse brings all the charm of the past in the bedroom or in the living room.

Rocking horse: childhood memories

The pleasure of swinging: a return to childhood, an unconscious desire to leave abandon to that gentle movement that so brings us to the rhythmic lull in the embrace of the parents. From the cradle to the swings, the swing has always marked moments of joy, rest and play in our lives. For this reason the rocking horse remains one of the most classic toys and more loved by everyone – from children to the most adults who still feel a little ‘children. Yet it is a toy so simple: a wooden horse and cloth on two sledges curved, which sways rhythmically back and forth without ever going to gallop or trot.

Before electronic games, in front of the doll most glamorous and most modern cars, the children’s eyes still light up in front of the simple joy of a rocking horse. And is a joy for parents, who can keep an eye on the time of the game without having to run around and chase through the house: observing those bright eyes and smiling that incessant relaxed and gentle rocking, indulge slowly to a sweet and quiet sleep.

Rocking horse: the game and furnishing

A craft and fascinating toy: just look at it and the mind flies immediately to the carpenter’s shop, busy sanding the wood and shaping the nice horse. Since then the rocking horse has come a long way – not literally perhaps, standing there on the spot without taking a step – but for years has always remained true to himself. Curved wooden sleds that silent swaying back and forth, the body and the head also made of solid wood, but covered with soft plush – with lots of soft mane to grasp delicate. The rocking horse cannot miss in the children’s room, between the bed and between the toy box, maybe over a shaggy carpet to avoid the risk of ruining the parquet.

But such an object refined, almost straight out of a fairy tale or a lego toy from this website, abandons its role as a simple toy and transforms and reinvents precious ornament. Perfect for a bedroom shabby chic, romantic, girly, attentive to those small details that come from the past, the rocking horse becomes small, wood or wax or metal, and rests on a bedside table, on a shelf or inside a sideboard, a reminder of the joy of being children.

Decorate your home with a rocking horse

There are objects in which is inherent a special poetry that wins people of all age groups: among them is undoubtedly the rocking horse. In the past this little friend of wood could not miss among the children’s toys. The princes and the children of the more affluent social layers, then, receive a gift from their parents to pony patterns extraordinarily beautiful rocking, richly decorated and beautiful in every detail. Dolls, stuffed animals, horses: there are some traditional pieces of equipment to a small room that is simply impossible to give up. And think about how many furnishing ideas you can put into practice with a beautiful horse in antique rocking chair, made of solid oak or walnut wood: imagine it, for example, in the entrance of a house decorated in a rustic style, a beautiful terracotta floor, affiacato maybe from an old chest in mahogany. Then decorated the entrance walls with a framework with dead and some nice tool of copper vintage nature away, thus created an environment from the unforgettable style.

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