How to Make Halloween Makeup

OK, you already know how to make that party show of Halloween (as shown here), it’s all right but … and make?

Or so appeared a last minute invitation-and he can’t refuse – for a party? Whatever the reason … can’t play in a production basiquinha at a party like that, isn’t it? So, if you’re in that situation, the tip is to be inspired by the celebrities. So, we decided to show here some inspirations of makes for Halloween, so you can choose the one that matches your style! If you’re the style that likes to get in the mood but no way was I going to get ugly … relax, we’ll show you a really cool options!

Increasingly popular in Brazil, the Halloween parties are already part of our calendar, and end up appearing in droves at this time and, of course, it takes a lot of creativity to not repeat the same makeup, so we decided to show several different options of vintage Halloween supplies that make for Halloween, for all tastes, we’ll see!

Makes for Celebrity Halloween

Hayley Williams gambled on a colourful makeup! A shaded orange neon green, and to give a touch more, she left eyebrow is marked with the same color of the lips.

Taylor Momsenas always rocked, I think every day is Halloween. This black eye smoky look with metallic blue was a luxury! Oh, sure, scooped with false eyelashes and a pink lipstick in a dull tone.

More Taylor Monsen because she is the face of terror and an inspiration of makes for Halloween.

Mary Kate Olsen with red eye beyond fatal! The Mary-Kate was a red Shadow + shadow Brown, in addition to mouth pink!

How about investing in a eye smoky look like Demi Lovato?! On the lips, Demi used a pale pink that contrasted with his eyes checked!

A tip is to invest in a make ultra colorful like Katy Perry! The diva, who is with pink hair, wore light blue shadow, dark blue and neon green, in addition to Many false eyelashes! To complete the look, pink lipstick!

Here is the wax statue of the singer Lady Gaga, with a make beautiful, which serves as inspiration for makes for Halloween!

In fact, when it comes to Lady Gaga, there’s no shortage of inspiration makes for Halloween …
The detail is that you don’t have to be Halloween for her makeup as well.
Ke $ ha, which also always causes at make, using an ideal for those who want to raze on Halloween party!

Audrina Patridge invested in colorful … and it was beautiful, the cool thing is that used in the eye colors that are in the fantasy, total luxury!

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