How to Fish Squid

Are you a big fan of fishing? In particular you’ve specialized in time the squid? Here are some tips that will give you the opportunity to better understand how and when to pursue this fascinating sport. Logically as in all things it is essential that you have the right technique to use. Do not underestimate both the choice of the most suitable places to fish for squid, both times of year more righteous to go looking for this cephalopod.

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Spinning rod 2.70 meters
  • Reel size 4000
  • Braid from 20 pounds
  • Fluorocarbon 0.40
  • Multiple vendors squid jig
  • Easy clip carabiners

Before you begin any type of fishing, you need a good quality equipment, especially in this case goes the saying: “saving is definitely not gain”. So we’re talking about tools for “Naory fishing”, fishing for squid and cuttlefish made strictly artificial bait. The “Naory fishing” stands out however by the technique of “tataki”, that takes place strictly by boat. For starters you can start from a simple spinning rod or jigging to the extent from 2.70 meters in length with a launch range from 10 to 30 grams. How to reel you can match a good 4000 in front drag.

As for the frame you will need to do a little “shock leader” with a fluorocarbon from 0.40mm and at the head of this you will have to assemble, with a palomar knot, the steel carabiner. What are the best places to do fishing? First and foremost the natural cliffs in high background; the same is true for artificial reefs and outer harbors seawalls. In general it is said that the squid is caught in the Adriatic Sea. The best time? Surely it is better to make “Andrewfishing fishing” from November until the first days of February. Usually, although this is not a rule, the more “catches”, you will get during the night. In this case it is suggested for a catch “trolling” because much more profitable.

Finally, don’t forget to upload your reel with a thread of quality, preferably a 20 pounds. Also get yourself the easy clip stainless steel that will quickly change lures. How to lures are great the squid jig. Can be found online or in stores. Japanese homes are suggesting “Duel” and “Yamashita”. Do not underestimate the “Yamashita squid jig” and the Shimano sephia. The color of the lure let a natural color.

Never forget: patience and proper gear

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