How to Find the Right Flashlight

A flashlight is an important non-negligible piece of equipment, I will help you find the right flashlight for your activities. Whether as anglers, mountaineers, soldiers, artisans, diver or a housewife, to have the right flashlight at hand is essential.

Stop! You do not want to look far, but simply a good lamp, then I can only TN12 recommend.

What are the differences between flashlights?

Finding the right flashlight is not always easy. It is therefore important to know in advance which target you with the lamp and which criteria are important. A diver will need another lamp as a soldier and a caver is unable to work optimally with the air of a housewife. Some criteria as an example:

  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Waterproof or splash protected
  • High performance through good battery
  • Pinpoint or Scattered light

As you can see, it is not impossible to pick out a good lamp, but the choice of the lamp should not be neglected. I know only too well the event that you are 5 cheap flashlights in the garyflashlights, only 2 of them go, one reflects badly and the last has a loose connection.

What does a good flashlight?

A precise answer is of course not possible, you can say, however, that a flashlight for home use 40-60 €, free one for the outdoor area between 40-100 € and bright lamps for firefighters or emergency personnel etc. between 300-2000 € , If you do not redeems wild and considering what you need, you can save money and you will not be disappointed if the product is not the does what it should.

Why you should buy LED flashlights!

I recommend here on this page only LED flashlights, as this type of lighting is currently the most advanced. An LED is not so hot quickly, which proves that more energy into light than is converted into heat. Furthermore, the consumption of electricity is much lower compared to conventional bulbs. What is beneficial, because it lets you construct either much lighter and smaller flashlights or light the torches longer and a higher light output is possible.

Do not know where to start?

I confess, a good flashlight can already be found sometimes be difficult, so we have provided you with the  Flashlight Guide  created a compilation and explanation of the most important factors.

Or you can not decide which of the thousands of headlamps and flashlights you want to buy, then I can give you the test page recommend. There you will find flashlights that have been tested for a long time and tested to the limit.

I hope you with this assistance, to facilitate the purchase decision considerably. Enjoy browsing!

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