How to Do Makeup for Eye Shapes

Each eye has its own shape and each form has its own make-up perfect, to be enhanced or attenuated. Here is a list of tips for all types of eye makeup in the best way.

Not all eyes are equal and to make a make-up perfect you have to take this into account.

We’re not just talking about the color of the iris: in fact the eyes have many different forms ranging valued or “hidden”with the appropriate make-up.

There are in fact the eyes large, small ones, those neighbors, those downward and so on.

But for each of them there is a specific make up and now I will explain.

So armed with pencils, brushes, mascara and be ready: here’s how to make up any kind of an eye!

1. The small eyes

A look characterized by small eyes need to be opened.

As first thing, with a dark pencil, outlined the edges of the upper and lower eyelid and the line of the upper eyelid.

Then sfumatela, trying to stretch the eye to the outside.

Put the ‘light eye shadow on the upper eyelid.

Then, with a dark eye shadow, shade the crease of the upper eyelid, you have already outlined with a pencil.

Finally completed with the mascara, both on the upper lashes and on those lower.

2. The big eyes

Big eyes need to be shrunk.

It start by drawing a line dark pencil on the edges of the eyelids and blending it in the direction of the temple.

Then apply the ‘eye shadow clear inwards, followed by the dark outwards.

As a final touch you put mascara on the upper lashes, particularly those outside.

3. Protruding eyes

For bulging eyes they mean those eyes, usually rounded, they have the upper eyelids protruding and sometimes manifest themselves at the bottom of the bags.

They need to be narrow and elongated.

In the first instance draw a line pencil dark on the edges of the eyelids and blend it outwards.

Then put the ‘light eye shadow under the arch of the eyebrows and the’dark eye shadow on the upper eyelid, remembering to blend it outward.

Finally, apply the black kajal on the lower eyelid.

4. Sunken eyes

These eyes imply that the eyebrows is more obvious of the eyelids.

The right makeup does not provide for the use of a pencil, but only of eye shadow, mascara and kohl.

Apply the ‘light eye shadow over the entire eyelid, sfumandolo, and then put mascara on the upper and lower outer lashes.

Then apply the kajal on the eyelid, to enhance the look.

5. The close-set eyes

Here you have to play with light and shade .

With the dark pencil, draw a line starting from the middle of the upper and lower eyelid, blending it outwards.

Then put the ‘light eyeshadow on the inner half of the upper eyelid.

Finally, apply mascara on the outer upper lashes.

6. The distant eyes

Distant eyes may confer stunned expression not too charming.

With the right make-up, however, the distance can be diminuta.

Begin by outlining the lids on the whole board with a row dark pencil.

Then apply, sfumandolo, the ‘dark eyeshadow, starting from the root of the nose and without lengthening towards the temple.

As a final touch to put mascara on the inner lashes, both above and below.

7. Eyes Up

The risk with these eyes is to have him too stern look, so the trick is useful to soften the expression.

Starting from the middle of the eye, a pencil sketch with the edge of the upper eyelid and the lower one.

Always with the pencil, darken the crease of the upper eyelid.

Then apply a light eyeshadow on the arch of the eyebrows, directing the gradient down the temple.

8. The downward eyes

They have eyes that make the ‘melancholy expression; the right makeup is able to make it sensual, “moving” upwards.

Put mascara only on the upper lashes

Then, with dark pencil, starting at the beginning of the eye, trace the outline of the upper and lower eyelid.

The last pencil line is shaded upwards arch eyebrow.

Finally intensify the effect with the ‘dark eyeshadow.

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