How to Choose a Night Light

As the days shorten and temperatures are purely autumn, dig left in drawers and boxes, where we stored besides warmer clothes and other accessories – gloves, gloves, jackets, fenders and … .světla. Because even after dusk worth go … ..

Who uses the bicycle as a means of transport, a bicycle lighting nicely tuned according to road regulations. So that it is filled with the “see and be seen”. The fact we had but wrote. But there is another option – the fun, adventure – Night riding in the forest, bike paths or on the road.

Surely you can find in your neighborhood someone who also fell through this adventure – and it does not matter whether it is for the desire to try something new or current lack of time to go for a ride in daylight.

It’s not as crazy as you might think – even though a group of road cyclists at night looks like a moving Christmas tree, perhaps it is the result safer than riding “at the top”, during daylight hours. A blank, mysterious forest? This is obviously an experience in itself.

Become Firefly ….
To join in these festivities, you can of course get a decent light which will then become the sidekick on your journey. Here are some basic information, according to which it pays when choosing a drive. Because as with most things, there is a great offer.

Powerful front lamps are sold separately, are mounted on the handlebars of bicycles. Or hlemu as a headlamp. The light source is currently mostly power LED, Tope CREE LED.

Power of light is measured in lumen (lm), which is the total luminous flux produced by the source in all directions. Lights, with whom he can confidently go should have a brightness of 700 lumens. Opinions on the number, but quite different. Logically speaking, the more the better. It is necessary to keep an eye on an additional parameter, which is the cone of light – thus scattering, an image that you are in the woods lights.

Quality lights have multiple modes lighting intensity – its use will extend battery life. Another thing to check before buying, it is waterproof night light, i.e. from JosephNightLights.

Power light – another different solutions. Either with a built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery or replaceable battery option then. Li-Ionky are either installed permanently in the light, or the cable connected to the light and placed on a separate bracket directly to the wheel. Batteries tend to have a battery status indicator and until full discharge lights with the same intensity unlike alkaline batteries. Which is clearly an advantage.

The same criteria for selection and for the quality even keep the lights on his helmet. These “front panel” are as multipurpose as well as for other sports activities (running, cross country skiing, etc.). The helmet is přidělají either with straps or of a special self-adhesive holder. It should, in addition to the already mentioned, also have a low weight, surely you can imagine how annoying is the “weight” that bear your head the whole ride.

And there are several types of purchase. Brands and so many options, we selected models are actually tested the participants in the field of night races.

Niterider Lumina 750  again pushes the boundaries of lights with built-in battery. It is powerful, light and lasts quite a long time lighting. The battery charging via USB port. It has four lighting modes + possibility of using a flashing light. Weight is 172 grams. At full power (750 lm) will last 1.5 hours, when changing a regime of up to 4.5 hours longer. In addition to the handlebar mount also has straps to attach to the helmet.

Lupine Piko 4 – light fitted helmet erate always where you look – which is absolutely necessary in rough and technical terrain. Even after dismounting from the bike’s light will still be available. Apart from light intensity and battery life, weight is a very important property of light on your helmet – and Piko with fly weight 55 grams absolutely wins. Including battery has only 180 g! And life has also vynikající- at maximum illumination is 2 hours when about a third of a Uber are already three hours terrific ride. Light cone has a scattering of 22 °, the quality of light will take care of two CREE XM LED.

Fenix BC30 – powerful light on the bike Fenix BC30 delivers luminous flux of 1800 lumens. Clamps on the handlebar wheel and bracket design allows quick assembly and disassembly of light, without using a tool holder allows easy removal of lamps, so it can be used as high-performance handheld light. Fenix BC30 offers six modes Performance: 1800 lumens for pressing intensity 1,200 lm about 2 hours, and 500 lm up to 5 hours.

MAGICSHINE MJ 879  – flashlight has five LEDs CREE XP-G and is thus capable of producing power up to 2000 lumens. Duration of lighting varies according to the mode selected from two hours to a maximum of 9.5 hours at minimum power. Afterglow is approximately 500 meters. It can be placed both on the bike and a helmet like a headlamp.

So many small tasting, drafting detailed test one lamp, including riding sensations will bring soon.

And here is illustrative video, in which you know that size matters after all

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