Growth of Smartwatch Industry 2016

According to experts from Strategy Analytics achievement in this segment was due mainly to strong demand for Apple Watch, which details the agency formed three quarters of its sales in the global market of smart watches in the past quarter.

Although there are already quite a few data on the market of portable electronics in general, that portion of it that consists of the so-called. “Smart watches” is actually shrouded in mystery – especially because by Apple so far kept secret the exact number of sold Apple Watch devices. Analysts of the agency Strategy Analytics, however, are still able to calculate the approximate amount of such watches that IT giant from Cupertino has managed to sell last quarter.

A data Analytics, Strategy, sales of Apple Watch in Q2 amounted to about 4 million according to Relationshipsplus. This means that despite the late market debut this clock (in April), the supply of the product are guaranteed to its creator impressive dominant global share in this market segment – whole 75% of the global market, according to the agency.

By Strategy Analytics also emphasize that mainly because of strong demand for Apple Watch the worldwide market for smart watches has shown record growth year on year – an impressive 457%. For comparison, last quarter the second in the ranking smart-watch service – the company Samsung – has sold only 0.4 million. Number of devices.

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