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Fashion and toys, the finest collections inspired by the world of children’s toys that leave amazed Rctoysadvice: the fabulous world of fashion meets fun for little ones! Not only clothes and accessories, but also clothes lines that find inspiration from the games. The collection dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Monopoly, the game that inspired the collection of designer “Au jour le jour”, the charity special project launched by Luisa Via Roma with “My Little Pony”, which involved distinguished fashion names like Versace, Fendi, Marni, Missoni, Cavalli, all committed to a charity auction in favour of “Save the Children” for Nepal.

The “Game Show” Monopoly -the famous board game invented in 1935 by Charles Darrow, where all players are challenged with homes, holiday or hazards-inspired, for their line Au jour le jour, the two designers Mirko fountain and Diego Marquez, who have founded in Milan in 2010 the brand dedicated to femme lines and garçon. From the memory of the past, fun come the creative ideas and modern style of the brand Au jour le jour, characterized by multicolor cartoon prints, tailored blend of materials and high-tech and sophisticated high-definition detail as micro-patches of skin on the white cotton t-shirt and spiky studs on jeans.
Graphics pop in the shape of trains, lights flicked on and cars become prints and all-over crochet applications, recreating the symbols of green on sweatshirts, on tops, embroidered denim and jacquard knitwear on flush: a modern fit with retro touches and details line unisex or stolen to sportswear, with bunches of banknotes which spread everywhere chaotically. The spirit of the brand “chic & fun” reinterprets the sartorial value proposing outerwear and complete a perfect Prince of Wales and Vichy, in natural tones or shades of blue and Burgundy to match knee bermuda Shorts worn with long socks school-boy. No shortage of pop art, panda eyes and mouths and flamingos that rest all over on garments worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga, Solange Knowles, Keisha, but also from it-girl and blogger.

An absolute return is that of My Little Pony who years ago invaded television with cartoons, toys, but also video games and apps, as well as teen magazine or comic necklaces. Today they come back in the accessories and clothing lines: a real phenomenon that has Bewitched even Katy Perry, who said to take the cue from My Little Pony to perfect her look. The little Suri Cruise, daughter of Tom and Katie Holmes, just six years has a My Little Pony collection with over 200 pieces! An incredible success for the cute ponies, also chosen from Luisa Via Roma, who with Kartell creates Firenze4ever, a collection dedicated to iconic characters from My Little Pony Fashion. Not only important fashion designers have transformed the great My Little Pony into works of art. These “unique pieces” of absolute artistic value, were auctioned on eBay from June 15 and the proceeds donated to the Save the Children ” to support relief operations and assistance to child victims of the earthquake that recently hit the Nepal.

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