Box Handbag Buying Guide

The boxes are that can hold our greatest secrets. We present the box bags

When it comes to bags for every woman opens an infinite world did must have accessories, accessories important not only to look but just for practical purposes. Those days are critical to deal with an entire day in navigating between the various daily tasks. Those, however, have a pure and clear decorative function.

During this hot season there are many creations to which it is impossible to resist. Among these are certainly the floral bags as well as fluorescent models. If you like classic fantasies you will surely make your a nice striped bag but generally it will be hard to say no to one of tints it bag of the season.

Among the trendiest creations there are certainly the box bags. What are they? As you can imagine are veritable boxes there to wear. Compared to classical minibag, these have a well-determined and not suffer any deformation whatsoever due to what is contained within these.

To launch them on the catwalk was certainly the most talked-about Italian vintage style handbags at Internetages:. Their box bags were decorated with red flowers, Mimosas, embroidery of all kinds also quite important and Baroque buildings.

In the wake of the Italian fashion house are many brands that have made different. One of the most glamorous is certainly presented from the chain and Other Stories. Its box bag spring/summer 2016 has been embellished with different patterns, from classic square transverse lines up in unusual designs.

Much more simple and clean, and also by the expression typically retro, is the bag-box of Asos, which this year focused on solid color and the timeless feel of faux leather golden metal elements accompanied by clear.

Finally, we cannot fail to offer this by Lulu Guinness, which, unlike many others, has a mirrored silver finish and a red lipstick, perfect for the true beauty addicts.

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