BMW and Mercedes Smart Watch

Time progressed and to fight for our wrists are involved in other companies.Smart watches acquire new technological dimensions and developers try to think of other innovations. As we have informed, recently we came to the Japanese company Nissan with  smart watches, which are connected with the car and the driver can then use the watch to control some functions of your car. The idea of linking smart watch with an automobile company Nissan did not stay long in the market itself. The German concern Mercedes-Benz in collaboration with US company Pebble preparing its own smarthodinky driver. Left behind nor the company BMW, which is developing its smart watches in collaboration with Samsung and introduce them in the near future.Developers in laboratories Mercedes and American Pebble shall endeavor to configure smart watch with a car. Mercedes because this project is just starting to realize we have to be patient a while longer and more detailed parameters to watch the wait.

According to forecasts should watch from Mercedes – Pebble able to display some information about the vehicle and the movement of the driver outside the car. For example if the car is locked, the amount of fuel is in the tank, or even where the parking lot is located our car. Smart watches will dispose technologies Car-2-Car, which has our attention to the current obstacles such as road works or traffic accident. Attention to these situations, we get through the vibration of the watch. Thanks to the smart watch from Mercedes-Benz, we will be able to choose from several functions from applications Digital smartwatches, which provide much information about the traffic situation in the vicinity of your car.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, a new concept of smart watches for drivers under the cooperation of BMW and Samsung. Forthcoming smart watch is said to get the name BMW iRemote and yet these watches available only to holders of electric i3 model and later the car i8. IRemote, which is also part of the name of smart watches, is an application that provides car owners information about the current state of battery car, information about the condition of windows and doors, as well as information about distance could be still on the energy stored in an electric car to drive.Thanks to smart watches from BMW and Samsung can from the comfort of your home ahead of time to ensure thermal comfort even in your vehicle.Through watch because you can set a specific temperature that you wish to have in the cab. The watch also boasts features Send to Car, which uses voice guidance S Voice lets you send another goal route including waypoints of smart watches from the car into the built-in navigation in the vehicle. It can assume that in 2014 incurred yet another smart watches from other automakers.

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