Best Jeans Plus Size

One of the challenges we all clothing is to adapt to the body. The most important thing is to feel good about herself. Projects like you’re feeling the way you dress and how to express yourself.

The jeans are a basic garment, used almost for all occasions, which depend on the court and the type of fabric with which they were made. Oval body If you have an oval body (apple – shaped) should stylize, it is Ideal wear dark jeans that make you look thinner legs. Models with large back pockets that are tight at the waist but broad in the hips or thighs, remain perfectly.

Body hourglass 

If you have a fit body hourglass, any kind of jeans will be fabulous. Those straight cut jeans plus size from Hoticle are ideal to fit the curves, thus highlighting legs. Jeans cut at the hip. They can also be used triangular body For a triangular body, hips are wide, jeans dark colored straight cut are indicated, the legs will be thinner, without too much stress curves. Body Inverted triangle for those women who have wider shoulders than hips, inverted triangle body style, jeans with low by encamped light or faded colors will balance the figure. Ideal if you also have pockets on the sides. Rectangular body.

If your body is rectangular in shape, it has to “guess” an idea of curves, and this can be obtained in many ways. Camped pants hip, they are very well to this type of body, since that highlight the waist and legs widen, thereby creating a visual effect of a balanced whole. The light faded jeans are ideal, with details in pockets curves giving idea. Usually the darker tones and the straight cut, letting the hem touches the top of the foot, will make it look thinner. Sandals and high heels are excellent allies to reduce measures as they give impression thinner legs and a sleeker silhouette. The studs should be proportionate to the body, the more your body is plump, thicker should be the cue. You are already subscribed to our Newsletter Only for Plus size? Go and you will receive our articles in your e-mail completely free!

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