Makeup Ideal For Eyes Blue Depending On Hair Color

Your eyes should be valued fantastic, but do not know how? If you have blue eyes here are some tips to create a perfect make-up can exalt them.

Let’s face it: the blue eyes are one of those elements of the face that no matter what else they are immediately associated with more classical canons of beauty. After all…nobody knows resist a nice pair of blue eyes. Fortunate then all the women who have them, but it would be a shame to waste such a gift of Mother Nature with a make-up that does not know them value. That’s why we decided to provide you with these helpful tips: a short guide on how best to  fix your blue eyes.

We now know that the color wheel can be very strong ally in choosing the perfect eyeshadow for our eyes. Then taking it into account we can see that the’ orange is the complementary color to blue and all its nuances. So space to every nuance of this color family: as bronze, hazelnut, caramel or copper. Obviously depending on our personality and our taste is up to us to decide what is the shade that we like. We keep always as a basic rule that the blue eye is characterized by very light shades, therefore the optimum is counter it with dark tones, even exalting more and making the super penetrating gaze.

1. Makeup blue eyes and brown hair

Who has blue eyes and brown hair can be considered lucky, because it has a combination which is already quite a contrast between light and dark colors. In this case then the shades of purple (even though it is not warm shades like orange) will be optimal as donating a lot to those who have clear eyes and dark hair. A viable alternative may be the tone on tone, but without using too dull blue, instead focusing on the intense blue, that will make your eyes even more haunting. Despite everything, even the classic eyeliner accompanied by intense dark lips can really give to those who already have the good fortune to own this contrast not at all obvious.

2. Make-up blue eyes and blond hair

A nice pair of blue eyes, however, accompanies much more frequently to a thick blond hair or of brown hair. So, in contrast to the previous point, it is necessary that people with light hair and light eyes points to have a much more defined eye. The trick that gives more definition is certainly smokey eyes. Sbizzarritevi then recreating it with warm shades such as bronze or even with the classic black and you will not be disappointed.

3. Make-up blue eyes and red hair

Combination that, useless to lie, always leaves you breathless is the one made by a look blue sky and a fiery mane. The color in this case better will marry these fantastic tones it is certainly the green, for example a dark green as can be green moss. But if the idea of wearing such a particular color scares you, you can also opt for a simple line of eyeliner of this tone, that will stand your red hair. Or you can always bet on a vintage look with a black eye liner and red lips, will work great.

4. day from Make-blue eyes

The background is great advice to impress in our nights out, but what about the makeup day, when maybe you prefer not to overdo it? In this case you can create a perfect make-up for day using warm colors such as beige and caramel. Just apply over the entire upper eyelid a metallic beige, which will light a second your eyes. Then apply a bit ‘of caramel with a gradient brush in the crease and go to enhance the look with eyeliner and lots of mascara. You will have achieved a perfect light makeup that will enhance your beautiful eye color.

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