Makeup for Maid of Honor

The maid of honor is a very important guest at the wedding so you must be very beautiful for the wedding, but remembering that the godmother can’t exaggerate on clothes and makeup not to outshine the bride. With this we put makeup tips for the bridesmaids.

The makeup to sponsor does not need to be as soft and delicate as the bride, but also may not be greatly exaggerated. First the skin should be well prepared to cover blemishes, dark circles and other flaws described by When you use the blush, he must give only a gentle touch to the face. Already in the eyes, use black pencil outlining the eyes with a trace fino and don’t forget the mascara to highlight the lashes.

Another tip is to not make a mistake in choosing the shade, give preference to intermediate shades, with opaque finish and that match the color of your dress.

At weddings, usually are the colors of the dresses are darker or open and colourful tones. Therefore, it is wise to bet on more neutral shades like grey, brown and black with blur effect or combine two colors of shadows.

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