Return of the Classic Bomber Jacket

This time jackets already want to come out. The days are already made shorter and nights arrive before cooler and darker. If still doubt what choice in purchases, here we show you the trends that will protect us from the low temperatures.

MAXI Coats

Coats ranging to the ground come stomping. Recalling the shelter of, feel powerful taking it open or even more sensual if you take it closed and leave the rest of your wardrobe for the imagination.

Sailor’s style

Okay, we’re not talking of a novelty. Year after year, wrap sailor flooded the tarmac runway. Its huge, buttons the tabs and the trimmings are key to get this nautical style. Bet on gold color in the trim for a perfect look.

We found the Yeti

All an ode to the white of the Poles. Ideal, comforting and comfortable as any, characteristic of the man of snows wrap comes and does not scare us, we love it! Take it with a short dress or a miniskirt and dazzle with your legs bare.

Back to the feathered

Chanel has opted for more padding of all tissue. Join this trend setting aside his sportier side. How to do it? Continues with the larger sizes for the large padding. In addition, this season the marker will not be only jackets. Backpacks and handbags also adopt this tissue.

The return of the classic bomber

I know I know punk, grunge, I know Kate Moss with this style of jacket. In versions more short, classic jacket has become to protect ourselves just low temperatures.

Which of these jackets is your favorite?


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