How to Wear Black Skirt?

Every woman has or has had a black skirt. It is a piece that combines with various looks and turns completely only to change the combinations. If you combine with a white tank top is super stripped, if you use with a lace blouse already gives to go to night.

So today let’s talk about this super wildcard piece that can save us on several occasions: a black skirt.

The black skirt are numerous different models, but by no means cease to be a piece that you can combine with almost everything.

There are the miniskirts, the average, the long black skirts, you can use coladinha more soltinha, slotted, has flared, midi, mullet, black skirt desk, whew … so on, the models have no end.

Just choose the model that matches more with your body at the time, and enjoy that black slims so if you are a little overweight, her black skirt will be your companion, at least until you “get out” of the situation.

The black skirt on falls nicely with printed blouses, this combination gives a broken in the heavy air of black color, any pattern will do, but of course if you combine a black skirt with a leopard blouse will be sensational.

With a social blouse button, long sleeves and collar you mount a look for work, but in this case your black skirt can not be really short, not too glued, prefer a flared skirt or desk, for example, and combine with closed shoes , medium heel.

As I said, any pattern goes well, including the predominance of the print is also black, has no problem. In this case , the shoe can be of any color, including guess …! Black!

The black color is the most loved by rockers, is not it? Then you can ride a rocker look combining a black skirt with a black jacket and a boot.

The look for work need not always be so social, you can combine your black skirt (below the knee and soltinha, of course) with a print blouse also soltinha. Combine with maxi collars and discreet earrings.

It has no color that matches more with black than white, so if you have a white blouse any, abuse of combination with the skirt, mount looks with these two pieces just changing accessories, shoes, sometimes with the shirt inside skirt, now out, with a black or white belt, there is a multitude of combinations to be made with a white blouse and a black skirt.

Golden also falls nicely with the black, as well as bronze. If you have any other piece, or accessories in these colors, you can combine without fear.

If your idea is to put together a more casual look, opt for a skirt more adjusted to the body, since the blouse will be less formal to put together this look if you wear a long skirt gives a sloppy air, it looks like you got the first clothing that tava in front and dressed without looking at the mirror.

As you can see, combinations with black skirt is not lacking. Monte and your bump.

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