1st Cine Pedal-Film Show Powered by Pedal Power

From May 21 to June 19 5 Brazilian cities receive the first edition of Cine Pedal Brasil.Conceived by the producer Inffinito, the itinerant festival circulates through the cities of Porto Alegre, Florianópolis, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte showing feature films and dialogues on mobility and the environment with the participants. In order to encourage mobility, the project occupies public squares displaying films projected from the energy generated by bicycles.
The Cine Pedal Brazil takes place on Saturdays and Sundays in each city. The public interested in participating in pedaling and generating energy should register at the venue.To animate the participants, besides the exhibition of the films and the dialogues with specialists, the event counts on a invited DJ.
With an unprecedented initiative, Cine Pedal Brasil combines an incentive to mobility, the promotion of culture and the promotion of health in a single project. Audiovisual as a tool for transformation and awareness. We want to disseminate knowledge about renewable energies and raise awareness of the environment and the promotion of sustainable attitudes. We also want to encourage the use of bicycles as an ecological and healthy alternative of transportation in cities to  contribute to the increase of urban mobility”, explains Adriana L. Dutra, director of the event.
Inffinito, the owner of the technology of exhibition by means of clean energy in Brazil and responsible for the accomplishment of the event Inffinito launches, with Cine Pedal Brasil, new arm using the audiovisual as foment and promotion of actions in favor of the environment, mobility and sustainability. “The purpose of the event is to draw attention to the problem of the environment and urban mobility and how innovative ideas can directly affect the life of the citizen. We want to propose the thought and a new reading of seeing life, “concludes Adriana.

How It Works

The Cine Pedal Brasil infrastructure has 10 fixed bikes and 10 bases where the public can fit their own bikes, which can be any model, from children to adults. The festival also offers a manual pedal, which can be used by wheelchairs, children and the elderly. When pedaling, the bicycles will produce the driving energy * , which will be received by a condenser equipment, which will align all the generated energy and which will then redistribute it to the projector and to the sound and lighting equipment used in the event.Attendees must generate at least 1300 watts for the cinema to work. At the site there will be a flag displaying in real time how many watts are being generated. The energy produced by the volunteer participants can also be used to load electronic devices from the present audience.
Motive energymechanical energy generated through continuous motions.

About The Films Shown

With curated by Adriana L. Dutra, the films projected will be the documentaries ” Bike vs Cars” and” 5 times Chico-o Velho e Sua Gente”.
Bike vs. Cars-With screenplay and direction by Fredrik Gertten, the film addresses the issue of urban mobility and how the auto industry influences public policies in cities.
5 times Chico-Velho and His Gente – brings the theme of the environment and tells the history, culture, life and struggle for survival of the riverine communities of the São Francisco River.

About Dialogues With Audiences

In addition to the screening of the films, Cine Pedal Brasil promotes Dialogues with the public on the topics raised in the documentaries shown. Also mediated by Adriana L. Dutra-filmmaker and Director of Cine Pedal, the debates will have as themes: “mobility x innovation” and “environment and sustainability x education”.
Mobility x innovation-The dialogue will discuss how new technologies can contribute to the diffusion and promotion of intelligent solutions for urban mobility.
Environment and sustainability x education-This meeting will discuss the importance of the role of education in raising awareness and information about respect for the environment and sustainable practices.

About Inffinito

Founded in 1995 by Adriana L. Dutra, Cláudia Dutra and Viviane B. Spinelli, Inffinito is a reference in Brazil and abroad for her performance in the realization of film festivals, cultural events and audiovisual production. Inffinito’s mission is to use audiovisual as a tool and platform for business prospecting, professional training and social transformation.For 20 years in the market, Inffinito idealizes and produces Inffinito Circuit, exclusively Brazilian Film Festivals abroad, events with market character, besides the production of short films, mediums and feature films, series for TV, always with the purpose of using The Brazilian content to contribute to the enrichment of collective thinking..


1st Cine Pedal Brasil
From May 21 to June 19
Days and times:
Friday, bikeata
Saturdays and Sundays, from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Rio de Janeiro
May 21 and 22
May 28th and 29th
Porto Alegre
04 and June 5
Sao Paulo
June 11 and 12
Belo Horizonte
June 18 and 19

Programming In All Locations

15h-Opening of the event: initiation of registration of volunteers and activation of relationship tents
3:30 pm-Video workshop for children
16h-Screen Rise and DJ Presentation;
17h-Dialogues With the Audience-debate between the representative of the film to be exhibited and professionals related to its theme;
6:30 pm-Movie screening;
22h-End of schedule.