14 More Ideas to Change the House Decorating the Walls

Continuing the story of changing the face of the house to decorate the walls, I have here 14 more cool ideas for you (and that you can do and be proud)!
The money is tight and does not know how to paint Danica? Look at the comics! One with fabric and one with tiles (and may even be tile stickers, right?)
A different idea can be made in several ways: application of wooden slats on the wall! You invented the drawing, you plan on the right wall so you do not do nonsense, you go out screwing and paint in the same color for a more discreet effect (or not!).
A simple decoration using stamps is not at all difficult (imperfections are part and clicking on this link still has the “how to”, see?
Another simple and original idea, because you only have the same, is to make streamers with the words that you want, or with a beautiful printed fabric, anyway! Use your imagination and read the tutorial that Viv i do Dcoracao did at this link.
Four ideas in this photo: 1) Decorative plates (or simply beautiful!); 2) frame made with nails and string or line; 3) this geometric frame was made with little pieces of that old toy, the little architect . Just paint and put the pieces; 4) Mirrors (which can be acrylic) glued to a wall give a nice look.
Small and different shelves adorn the wall and are still functional. In the 2nd, hydraulic pipes away from the wall with shelves where you want to place. I loved the idea!
Niches are always welcome and with fabric printed in the background even draw attention. And look at these leaked “niches”, how different!
Remains of wallpaper can be used to create a nice or comic effect, like the ones I did in the 2nd photo, with those wallpaper strips, you know? I just put them in pieces of MDF and made some “interventions” with gold paint.
Different paintings have an absurd effect on the environments! Look at these 2 and the ones below. Very shocking!
Posters are always welcome (see a lot here for free download ). In the photo above, a different way of installing them. There the wall was used, but I think it is safer to use a wood with hooks to hold the posters and pictures.