10 Tips For Choosing a Men’s Watch

There are few possibilities for you at this time: you love watches and like to stay updated of the news; you became interested in the topic and want to know more and more; you plan to buy a new watch and looking for the ideal model; all of the above; or neither. Anyway, at some point in their life enthusiast, he has passed through your head “which watch is perfect for me?” Or “what should be my new purchase?” For read below ten tips that suggest you follow to find the perfect watch for you.

10 Tips For Choosing a Men's Watch

  1. If you are just starting in this world, visit internetages vintage shop and ask questions. Come not asking “What watch should I buy?”.People do not know you, so give personal views only and certainly wide of the mark. Instead, make direct questions, they can build their knowledge in this universe. Keep in mind that online communities tend to have a minimally biased answer, because many are fond of a particular brand. Especially if you are on a website dedicated specifically to a brand.
  2. Make a list of features and qualities you look for in a watch, prioritize and then look for watches that fit this profile.You will use the watch under water?You need it to be readable in the dark? You need a particular complication? Prefer a large date indicator, for better visibility? If you love bracelet, you need traditional fittings? Would you trade for readability look cool? The cost and maintainability are worrying? The list goes on.
  3. The longer you worry about researching your watch will be happier in the end.Avoid purchases made on impulse. Be methodical, as a watchmaker.
  4. If possible, do not buy a watch because you think will impress or please others.You can buy any watch and people will come together to say that you should have bought the favorite watch THEM.Putting your satisfaction in the hands of others is a risky business. Get rid of the criticism, be confident in your choices. The only opinion that counts is yours exclusively.
  5. Every time you see the image of a clock that you like, save it.Try to find a series of images of the same part. Do not focus only on professional images, look at real images of the clock.  If a watch is on the list, it can be the winner. On the other hand, if there are any little detail that bothers you on a watch, you will notice it every time you check the hours. Then delete it from your list.
  6. Do your best to identify two or three things in a watch that really make you like it.Do not just say it “looks good”. Be specific. After that, you can get watches with these characteristics.
  7. Be as complete as possible in your search.Nothing is worse than buying a watch and find one that you like the following week. (Although this is the lifestyle of a few. These are the “flippers”, or collectors “catch and release”. And this matter is not for them). If you found a watch that really like, visit the communities of people who like watches, say what is your choice and ask for similar models recommendations. On this subject, the recommendation of other pundits can be very useful.
  8. This is one of the most important tips of all: taste before buying.Try as many as watches were needed. The pieces may surprise you when you are on your wrist.A watch that you do not give anything may be your new passion, just for the look he has on his wrist. Most regrets purchases are those pieces that are too large, small, or heavy. If you like an online piece, look for a dealer and wear it. If you do not have this possibility, seek a model with similar size and color. If the purchase has to be done remotely, make sure that you can return it.
  9. If you are proving watches, pay attention to the way it makes you feel.Ideally, a clock will call you, among many others.If he continues to call you after a while, it should perhaps be chosen. But no case in the first meeting.
  10. Once you’ve made a decision, think about it for a few more days.Act as if I had already bought the watch and his search had come to an end.Any other watch you thought buying now is out of the question. Are you happy with your decision?

Finding the perfect watch can seem challenging, but hunting is part of the fun and the right choice can extend this pleasure for much longer.