10 Style Errors

Style errors that cause me goose bumps. Why should we not follow a Rulebook or wear so uptight, without room for individual expression, but for not favouring the body or do not suit the context. Which means that there is coordinated that are perfect for the beach, for a night out with friends or weekend, but unsuitable for a city or look professional.
Other visuals simply sin by the lack of balance between the volumes, lengths and shapes, giving it an air of sloppy. In addition, not everything you see in fashion shows and fashion editorials or blogs to value or are suitable for your lifestyle. In fact, use all the trends in a single look can become excessive.
“So but each person must ride as well and you feel like?” this is one of the comments I hear when I approach these topics. Of course, each individual should have freedom of choice and expression, as well as the ability to be creative and innovative through your image. Here it is not about following the rules to the letter to fit aesthetic standards, but see how you can enhance and improve your image.
And if you think it’s futile to be evaluated for presentability, then let me tell you, whether you like it or not, that’s what happens, because the others shouldn’t judge you by your appearance, but it’s what they do. Always. In fact, in my book “professional image, style guide” address these issues in detail.
Surely you’ve heard the expression “to each his own”, however, here are some examples of outfits from celebrities, bloggers and street style that, in my opinion, represent some of the most common style errors.


Shoes with white socks

I love Diane Keating and your style, sometimes even a bit masculine, but the truth is, I can’t even enjoy watching white socks with shoes and sandals. I think so, because all the attention is going to focus on the feet. If you want to give a touch irreverent, so opt for a statement or accessory for a contrast of colors and patterns. In addition, the socks are going to “cut” the length of the leg, making them look shorter.

Attention to Leggings and Volumes

Kim Kardashian is a global reference style and influence thousands of women, who follow and copy their looks. However, not always uses what more the values and, as such, it’s no wonder that has already been highlighted by the “worst looks”. This is a good example of what not to do, especially if you have a pear shape body, as is the case of Kim. The leggings must be worn with a blouse or tunic longer, to cover the area of the hip and buttocks, especially if you use a thin fabric, which when glued to the body is semi-transparent and reveals the lingerie. In this case, some leggings bright fabric will draw even more attention to the hip area. On the other hand, the high-volume cut jacket and waist length makes the square stem. That is, although Kim is known for her curves, this look-desfavorece.

Oversized Clothes

Fashion is cyclical and each season new trends. The point is that not all the favors and when used in excess can become heavy and unbalanced. A good example is too wide and great clothes, because it will give you a sloppy or air who asked to borrow clothes. The feeling is that the channel’s clothes above your numbers, becoming rude. If you like oversized parts, bet only one and not a complete look. In addition, a visual beige “head to toe” can become monotonous.

Tight Clothing

Some people use a size below because I think that will look thinner, but the effect is precisely the opposite. In addition, you will feel uncomfortable and more limited in their movements. If a part is tight, so don’t use it. A good indicator is the shirt buttons, as if these stay away to say that the shirt is too small for you. Another example are the pants or blouses too tight, which highlight the so-called “tires” that accumulate around the waist. If you have a large chest, use a tank top under your shirt and leave it open until the end of the chest, so as not to push the buttons. The fabric with elasticity are also a good option, but the size must always be as indicated.

Length Too Long

Sleeves that cover the hands and hems that crawl across the floor give the feeling that they are too big and that’s not your clothes. Use long pants, especially if you want to stretch your legs, but some sheaths with clearances with the feet and the ground not only can make that trip, but also to end the day with a dirty bar. Which is not a very appealing, does it?

Length Too Short

You must be asking, but then what’s wrong with this look? The very short denim shorts are perfect for the beach, but for a city are not always the best option. In this case, the coat is longer than your shorts, so to back it looks like there’s nothing dress underneath, but it’s not long enough, as is the case with a trench coat, to create a look for layers. Additionally, scarf is too long in relation to the shorts. If you have a lot of cellulite and sagging skin on the legs to know that the very short lengths also don’t favor.

Transparencies Revealing

Rents and transparencies can be very elegant, especially if you know how to play with the contrasts or harmonies. In this outfit, the pants are too long and transparent, and the sweater too short to wear as a dress. In addition, the black boot shoes give a very heavy to look, “cutting” the visual line of the legs.

Shoes Boots with skirt or Dresses

This is one of the most common mistakes, especially on blogs. If you have long legs, like Alexa Chung, use and abuse of galoshes, but if it is of short stature, then know that your legs will look even shorter, especially if they’re shallow heel. If you wish to lengthen the silhouette prefer open shoes and no cops, high heels, with the beak or nude (skin color).

Look Too Revealing

This is a perfect look to go to the beach, but to walk in the city up to be too revealing of the body. If you like tight and short parts for body, then balance the line with a third piece, as in the case of a fluid used open shirt, a bulletproof vest, a satin kimono 3/4 or a tench coat . Or use low and fair parts at the top of the body, try to combine with shorts, pants or skirts more streamed.

Bra in sight

If you have a low-cut too deep, so make sure the bra you’re wearing or use a tank top underneath. Many women find sexy wear the BRA in sight and, in some cases, it might work, but this option is too revealing, because to sit and bend most likely be even more exposed to looks.
The BRA should be suited to your breast type and size, but also to your clothes. If you use necklines (in front or back) or top Caballero opt for a particular model. In this case, choose a strapless BRA, because contrary to what you think this combination is nothing sexy. And don’t forget, that the silicone handles are also visible by who also are not the most suitable.