10 Rooms with Good Ideas

I selected these 10 rooms that have good ideas  so that you can enjoy or adapt and use there in your beautiful room!
It looks like the strip with bricks on the top giving coziness to the room. And you can use brick-faced wallpaper, right?
In this small room, the use of space was to the maximum: space for things under the bed, a narrow dresser in front of the bed, the TV directly on the wall, another furniture in the corner…Everything has to be well measured to maintain a circulation reasonable and allow open doors and drawers, of course!
A great room palette for colors! I also liked the mix of stripes with the Chevron Missoni (if you do not know what is click on this link) of the lamp, which could be in bed linen, for example. Another classic printing to match stripes is floral.
The detail of the cushion to lean my head when you want to sit on the bed captivated me. It’s nice to have a way to remove it when you’re not using it.
In the panel next to the TV a make-up counter (do not even have to be that big, right?)
In open apartments, where a single environment is bedroom, living room, etc., a beautiful curtain can give privacy and add beauty.
Very large rooms with high ceilings can quickly get less “cold” with a wall painted in dark color, you see!
The bed on the wall of the window can be a beautiful solution. See this room (from Andre Piva) from Rooms Etc.
This is a room of a hotel (Margot Hotel, in Barcelona). I liked the use of the wall below the window.