10 Jewelry Gifts Under The Christmas Tree

Christmas is here and as usual the lights, the decorations and the sizzling party atmosphere make it one of the highlights of the year which I prefer. Apparently, though, many may be in turmoil as thorough at the very thought of make gifts. There are not always gem gift ideas, time to turn around the shops is less and less and the air of crisis breaks down even the most motivated.

The jewelry should not be scary

After my post recommendations on watches in many you wrote because you believe that one of the most difficult to make purchases is what in a jewelry store, you don’t always know how to guide you between the various proposals and sometimes you don’t even know where to go to do your shopping. Not only that, some of you are also convinced that the only cross the threshold of a jewelry store credit card pale. I understand your difficulties, believe me, and I’m here to help you.
Just a few days ago I was at a dinner with friends when I was thrown a challenge: to be able to locate 10 gift ideas for this Christmas spending less than 1000 euros. It was good wine, food or fun, but the one challenge I picked it up right away. And even enthusiastically!
Sure, the enterprise was not easy for a variety of reasons. The first is that usually when I am asked to act as personal-jewelry-shopper I clear the person to whom that jewel is direct, his tastes, his personality, the look she loves. And then to find jewelry that you might find quite easily in your city (or even online) I had to opt for designer products.But I didn’t break down (never let it be said!) and I had fun looking through jewellery shops looking for some good gift idea jewel, trying to be careful to find an interesting price-quality ratio (which brand is not easy, nor granted). Ready? Let’s start.

Jewelry gift ideas by € 250

For those wishing to spend up to 250 maximum jewellery gift ideas euro I propose 3 options:

  1. for lovers ofTiffany (and I know that there are many), I propose the pendant in the shape of the famous box Blue, enamelled Silver (250 euros). I would say that compared to famous necklaces, bracelets or heart shaped dog tags that you see around, it could be a new idea. So the pouch Tiffany does not remain only at home, but you bring it around my neck. And above all recognize him easily, which is why you really like Tiffany!
  2. for those who lovesTrollbeads bracelets, there is a combination of 6 new beads to add to the collection. Trollbeads has launched a new line for Christmas: If you think you may please give a touch of red to cuff I recommend the love Christmas kit (234 euros), while the elegant Christmas set (234 euros) is in shades of blue.
  3. 3. Ifyou prefer Pandora bracelets, even here there is anew Christmas collection, with other charms Pandora to be added to enrich the arm at an affordable price.

The jewelry to give away up to £ 500

If your budget goes up to 500 euros, I propose 5 gift ideas:

  1. FromTiffany you have 3 options because you can choose between the Classic pendant with key in rose gold (400 euros, if you want to add a necklace I recommend a bead chain in rose gold, other 320 euros), the pretty silver version of enameled key(320 euros including the necklace), or Amazonite bracelet with heart pendant (300 euros) for those who love bringing color to the wrist.
  2. 2. For fan ofPomellato, peering between unnecessarily expensive silver necklaces and bracelets, I point out thering with silver chainof Pomellato 67 (340 euros). You may have noticed that the chain is back very fashionable, while being in fact a classic jewelry. Just be careful to ring size (I recommend that you bring with you one) and ask if you can take it to size if necessary.

Gifts over £ 500

If you can spend even more than 500, would recommend the collection q Icon of Damiani. In particular, thering d. Icon in white porcelain and rose gold with small diamond (795 euros), it has a very clean with that “D” shows that definitely glad to wear at brand-victim (and there are many on vintagematters.net).
Sure, the version of thering D. Icon in white gold (169o euro) is much more valuablewith the entire hotel in precious metal and the price is not too high (to be a Damiani, mind you).
Needless to say that if your wants be a gift even more important (economically), I would have so many things to say and several jewels to advise you. But the challenge that I had clear bookends was launched, then everything else I’ll be happy to be yourpersonal-jewel-shopper, I assure you there is to really rock! The world of jewelry has much to reveal, even (and sometimes especially) away from brands.
At this point, expect to hear and remember: jewerly is an attitude. Happy shopping everyone!