10 Essential for Winter

Brrr … you know those days when it’s so cold, what you want is to stay home wrapped in a blanket and drinking tea? The cold weather is here to stay and we must be prepared to face the lower temperatures and days of wind and rain. Had already published here some tips on how to dress in layers, which are ideal for when there are temperature variations throughout the day, but there are some essential parts to have during the winter.
10 Essential Parts For The Colder Days:

  1. Above all

A particularly hot is an essential for the winter. The knee length is ideal to feel more warm and protected. Bet on neutral tones, if you want to invest in a coat only because it allows larger combination possibilities with your wardrobe. The most classic models are also good bets, since they’re just fashion.

  1. Fur coat

A good material to keep the body warm. Nowadays, there are several models of synthetic fur, as it is not necessary to sacrifice animals to be fashionable, and of various colors, so you can choose a Burgundy, blue or dark green. Animal patterns are also a good choice for those who like a more sensual.

  1. Kispo or Parka

Very practical and comfortable, the kispo is the best companion in the days of rain and wind. Because it is waterproof, will keep your dry clothes and hot body. Avoid very bulky models if you have too much weight, because they’re going to give the illusion of having a few extra pounds. In this case, prefer flat or models with diagonal stripes.

  1. Turtleneck

To protect the neck, turtle necks are perfect. Avoid them only if you have a very short neck or large breasts, because they’re not going to encourage. Opt for finer fabrics, if you want a more elegant look for work, or thicker if you want a more casual. Worth investing in quality fabrics, such as wool with cashmere blend, and always attention to washing conditions, in order to prevent these shrivel or becoming deformed.

  1. Scarf

This accessory is a good ally for the colder days. Currently, there are a lot of models of handkerchiefs and scarves, which replace the traditional scarf. Enjoy for use as a style statement, putting it differently, or opting for a contrasting color or pattern. So, will draw attention to this piece on your co-ordinated.

  1. Gloves

Synthetic fur or wool, gloves are a good way to protect your hands from the cold, running like a second skin. Take the opportunity to have more than one pair of gloves in various shades, to create different looks.

  1. Boots

Now here’s a footwear that I love: high boots. These can be used with some pants, dress or skirt and is perfect to protect your legs from the cold, but also to complement your co-ordinated. If you want to stretch your legs, choose a color in the same tone of the skirt or dress. Prefer more adjusted to the leg, which is more elegant, and avoid a jump too high and thin for a professional look.

  1. Hat

The hat is more elegant and sophisticated, the traditional wool hat. So, take that final touch to your look with this accessory. If you want to escape the traditional black felt model, choose colors like red, wine, blue, grey or white. Avoid windy days only.

  1. Umbrella

Almost every winter I have to buy more than one, since I prefer the more compact models, but they often do not stand up to the days of wind and rain. But have you thought about the umbrella as a fashion accessory? Try using a color or model with a discreet pattern, like stripes or polka dots, to stand out.

  1. Opaque Tights

If the dress code of your company is not mandatory to use thin tights, then opaque models can be a good solution to face the lower temperatures. In addition, the black tights can be very stylish if you like to wear ankle boots (boots) with skirt. Try to have an effect styler, already operating at the level of the belly, buttocks and thighs, making your more elegant silhouette. There are models available in several graduations, from 30 to 100 denier, for a semi or ultra opaque effect.