How to Make Internet Connection?

Keep domestic costs low has never been so important, then why not save money by making phone calls over the internet? There are many services that allow you to do this for little or no cost. Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) is the way in which people do to connect over the internet to […]

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How to Trigger the Warranty of An Imported Electronic?

I just had a traumatic experience with two SSDs from Corsair. Both burned. Lucky for me, the warranty of the manufacturer has international coverage and be able to send the two SSDs for Exchange. However, this is something that I hadn’t checked earlier. I don’t know how long it would have to guarantee. And just […]

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What is It And How Does Wi-Fi Direct?

The world is abandoning the cables, but the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth we know and love is not always the best way to connect devices. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily connect Wi-Fi devices, without messing with access points and long passphrases? That’s what promises the Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct is A Suitable Pattern […]

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How to Update My Android? Has Newer Version for My Phone?

Android is the operating system for mobile phones and tablets of higher growth in the world. There are many manufacturers of Android devices, and the downside of so many manufacturers is to keep always updated appliances. Google has updated the Android system several last year, but not all devices will receive the update at the […]

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Landline Phone in Phone-How Does This Work?

Today Brazilians are increasingly using cell phones and leaving their landlines aside. Less and less we stayed in our homes, which complicates the use of landlines. But have you ever thought that you can put both in a product? Most mobile operators in Brazil have launched plans to blend the phone to fixed telephony service. […]

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How to Choose the Phone with More Memory?

The internal memory of a phone can please many people. 8 GB handsets are already industry standard at the time this article was written. However, the more technology and applications appear on the market, more internal memory we want for our equipment, because we also need space to store our photos and videos taken with […]

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What is the Cheapest Android Phone?

The Android OS is an open source platform that can be licensed and used by any manufacturer of smartphones or tablets. This is the reason why there are countless new Android-based devices coming to market at a breakneck pace. Rather than just teach you to find the cheapest Android model, which isn’t hard to find, […]

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Which Phone Has Better Signal?

Speaking of cell phones in Brazil, we are involving a number of factors: quality of the signal 3 g and 2 g, antennas available, location, where the person is making calls and more. However, speaking of phones, we’re also talking Wireless signal quality, Bluetooth, GPS, and more. Taking these criteria into account, you can elect […]

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What is Geo Tagging. How to Know If It's Working?

Geo tagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as a photo, video, websites, SMS, QR Codes or RSS feeds. These data usually consist of latitude and longitude coordinates, though they can also include altitude, bearing, distance, accuracy data, and place names. Geotagging can help users find a wide variety […]